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Our VALD Performance Technology

VALD Performance Technology is an advanced assessment system that utilises state-of-the-art sensors and software to analyse and quantify movement and strength.

What is VALD Performance Technology?

In recent years, advances in technology have reshaped various aspects of healthcare, and physiotherapy is no exception. VALD technology has revolutionised the field of physiotherapy, offering new tools and insights that are transforming the way practitioners approach treatment and ultimately improve patient outcomes. 

VALD Performance Technology represents an innovative assessment system. It delivers detailed insights into an individual’s movement patterns, muscle activity, and key performance metrics, making it an invaluable tool for healthcare professionals aiming to enhance performance, prevent injuries, and optimise overall physical well-being.

What we offer at Evolution-Physio?

When you visit Evolution-Physio, you will have a thorough assessment of your injury, which may include using some or all of our VALD Technology kit:

  • Dynamo – This innovative technology offers real-time monitoring and assessment of a patient’s physical performance, specifically strength and range of motion.
  • Force Decks – This provides precise measurements of force and power during various exercises and movements, enabling physiotherapists to assess a patient’s strength, stability, and functional capacity more accurately.
  • Smart Speed – By offering precise measurement of a patient’s speed, agility, and acceleration, it allows physiotherapists to assess mobility and performance with unparalleled accuracy

At Evolution-Physio, VALD Technology forms part of our Performance Consultancy package.

How does it benefit our clients?

At Evolution-Physio, we offer high-tech performance testing and assessment with cutting-edge tools that were once exclusive to professional athletes. This allows our clients to optimise their training/rehab program based on accurate data.  
We can instantly capture and display data on a patient’s performance, allowing us to make immediate adjustments to form, technique, or exercise intensity. Consequently, we can create highly personalised treatment plans tailored to each patient’s needs.

By tracking and analysing a patient’s movements, muscle activity, and progress over time we can motivate patients by showing tangible results and allows us to modify treatment plans as needed. 

Not only that, but this data allows us to identify weaknesses, asymmetry and limitations that may otherwise have gone unnoticed, which means we can develop exercises and interventions that target specific problem areas, leading to more efficient and effective rehabilitation.

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