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Phil Franklin

“Peter looked after my son following an injury to his abductor which was stopping him playing football. From the initial assessment Peter was excellent in how he treated the injury, put together a recovery plan but also corrected issues that made my son more susceptible to injury. Peter was there to reassure my son when things weren’t going well and I’m glad to say he’s now back playing football.”

Nick Mills

“Pete gets results , currently he’s working on my knee pre op in preparation for ACL reconstruction. He is not the first physiotherapist I have seen over the years, but he is by far the best at explaining what why and then putting it into practice to get results. I have recommended him to several friends all of whom agree he is the best physiotherapist they have seen.”


Dawn Eccles

“I went to see Pete for a gait analysis & not knowing what to expect, Pete explained how the equipment worked & also went through the images created from the scan showing where I had any issues. I explained that I was also experiencing some tightness & discomfort in my thigh & knee & I was treated with acupuncture. I run regularly & have just found out that I have Psoriatic arthritis. I feel confident that with correctly fitted orthotics & treatment, I’ll be able to continue running. I found Pete to be very friendly & professional & he took the time to explain matters & answer my questions.”


Sue Parker-Roberts

“Pete has helped me with terrible knee pain and got me back to doing the things I love, ballroom dancing. I trust him completely he is a wealth of knowledge and expert physio. The best in Warwickshire.”


Richard Page

“I went to see Peter because my knees were very sore. After a few sessions my knees were much improved and Peter has given me a series of exercises to strengthen the supporting muscle. I play golf 3 times a week and my recovery time is improved too.I thoroughly recommend EvolutionPhysio.”

Nicola Caven

“Highly recommend Pete as he is a very good physio, I’ve seen different physio’s over the years and he’s the only one that has made my issues go away. Thank you”

Anne-Marie Robinson-Gall

“Pete is very knowledgeable, he can tell the way your standing where your problem is! I am not a quick fix, but regular appointments keeps me able to continue in my work and now I can enjoy a better quality of life”

Mark Roach

“First class treatments with an array of different therapies at hand. Fantastic guy, highly recommended.”

Jaskaran Kharay

“I had neck pain leading to cluster headaches that wouldn’t go away with any doctor’s intervention. I thought there was no hope but Pete helped me out tremendously and I am now pain free. Thank you!”


Jamie Thorpe

“Peter has literally been my saviour when it comes to my health and injuries. Living with fibromyalgia and a trapped nerve in my neck/ shoulder for years has definitely taken its toll. Then on top of that being involved in a car accident and getting whiplash in the same area I was desperate for help with the pain. Having had multiple tests and seeing various Physio’s and not getting anywhere I had started to lose hope that this would get better.

Peter has actually listened, heard me and tried lots of different techniques to help find the problem and fix it. He really does go above and beyond to help his clients. It has been a slow process but that’s also due to my body but things are improving and I’m finally getting the pain under control. I am extremely grateful and can’t big this man up enough!!”


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